Sealing and Managing Criminal Records

In Massachusetts a criminal record goes by two names; A Board of Probation Record (BOP) and a Criminal Offender Record Information Report (CORI).  For criminal histories outside of the Massachusetts there is Interstate Identification Index (Triple I), and CJIS Criminal History Reports.

Sometimes our criminal histories can prevent us from moving forward.  Even non-convictions can have unforeseen consequences.  Thankfully, in Massachusetts there are several ways to prevent potential employers from seeing convictions and non-convictions (please note that some types of offenses are ineligible for sealing).  I have had excellent results helping all kinds of people seal or even clean their criminal records.

An old offense could have happened a life time ago.  It is not uncommon for people with older offenses to not remember where or when they were arrested.  Over time, I have developed a series of contacts and my own skill set which allows me to discreetly track down old cases.  If you have an old case you are ready to resolve please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)

Being placed on the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) is both humiliating and costly.  It may come as a surprise– but in many situations it is possible to taken off the registry entirely.  If you have been placed on the SORB for a past conviction and wish to know if you are eligible for removal please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Warrants can root from many different sources.  It can be a new case that stemmed from an investigation, it can come from the failure to comply with probation, or a failure to show up to court.  I have helped clients handle warrants both old (over three decades) and new.  Answering a warrant is not just walking into court.  It takes thoughtful preparation, expectation management, and foresight.  Do not let the fear of having an outstanding warrant consume your life or prevent you from enjoying going out to see friends and family.  If you have an outstanding warrant please contact me immediately for a consultation.