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For you these charges are the world.  For an experienced criminal defense attorney, they are “simple” and “routine.”  While every person charged with a crime is unique, the process by which many of these charges proceed is not.  I can alleviate your stress and worry.  I can handle this.  One of the things I find myself repeating to clients is “don’t worry just yet, I will tell you if you need to worry.”   If you have a skilled and determined attorney fighting for you, any emotion beyond simple concern is an unneeded use of energy for most charges.  Let me carry the burden.  Let me give you context and explain the likely outcomes of the charges.  I strongly believe that after talking to me, you will take your first breath since you found out that you needed an attorney.  I have adeptly handled the following charges with my clients walking out of the courthouse with minimal impact on their daily lives and in many cases outright dismissal:

Drug Crime Violations

Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Possession with the Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance

Distribution of a Controlled Substance

Violation of the Drug Laws within 1000 feet of a School or Park

Assault and Battery

Simple Assault and Battery

Assault and Battery on a Police Officer

Domestic Assault and Battery

Property Crimes

Malicious destruction of Property valued at less than $250.00

Malicious destruction of Property valued at over $250.00

Defacement of Personal or Government Property

Motor Vehicle offenses

Operating under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol

Operating without a license

Driving with a suspended License

Operating an Unregistered motor vehicle

Operating a motor vehicle without insurance.