Target of Investigation


Investigations take many forms and come from different places. The most typical are Law Enforcement Investigations and Grand Jury Investigations.

If you are under investigation by law enforcement:

A law enforcement investigation can start in several ways. While most people this of law enforcement investigations as stealthy covert operations, often times they can be disruptively overt; Did a police officer leave his business card in your door?  Call your cell phone? Show up to your place of work? Ask a friend or family to have you reach out to them? I can assist with you.

It can be very jarring to have the police looking to speak with you.  There is no hard and fast, one-size-fits-all solution on how to deal with an investigation.  One way to handle investigations is to retain legal counsel who can help you meet the investigation head on.  You can have counsel act on your behalf and make that fist phone call.  You can have counsel sit next to you and advocate on your behalf while being questioned by law enforcement.  You can have legal counsel reach out to law enforcement and exercise your right to remain silent on your behalf.   Having the right legal counsel with you may prevent charges from issuing entirely (LINK TO RESULTS).


If you have received a summons to appear before the grand jury:

Another type if investigation is a Grand Jury investigation.  A Grand Jury is a closed proceeding where members of the public are empaneled decide whether or not to issue an indictment against a third party. While a Grand Jury proceeding is not a trial, there is testimony given by witnesses and parties with knowledge.  Often times the witnesses who testify before the Grand Jury are members of law enforcement. However, civilian witnesses and even targets of investigations can also be summonsed to testify.  If you have been asked to testify before the Grand Jury, it is important you speak with